It is with great sadness and regret that we announce U|D|G has ceased operations as of 01 April, 2015

Over the course of our 40 year history, we have been richly blessed and honored to have worked with exceptional clients on projects of substance and significance. Likewise, we have been the beneficiaries of collaborating with the many fine employees, consultants, and contractors that have contributed to the successes of these projects of distinction. For this, we will be eternally grateful and we celebrate these experiences.

U|D|G held true that Architecture and Planning is a process that requires an intimate understanding of the vision of a client and the application of our collective expertise in problem definition and problem solving in order to plan and design projects of significance.

We took pride in our approach that place matters and that every project should be securely anchored in its own place and time, that projects are for people, of community, with design that endures and is sustainable. We listened to our clients, responded to their needs, and understood that their success was our success.

U|D|G demonstrated a commitment to the stewardship and enrichment of the built environment and the human condition. We embraced not only the physical aesthetic, but also the cultural, ethical, and spiritual conditions inherent in every project combining function with inspirational aesthetics.

We were committed to delivering the highest Ethic of Design through the highest Ethic of Service for every project, every client, every day. We are proud of the vast diversity and quality of design that is a direct result of not only function and site environment, but of client vision and market placement along with the committed efforts of all of those with whom we worked.

We are confident that the legacy of U|D|G will endure as long as the many exceptional projects we were a part of remain in the collective memory of all that experience them.

As the Principals look towards our next career opportunities, we will continue to embrace all of the same values, ethics, and commitment to excellence in design and service and look forward to new project experiences with you all.

Ronald D Armstrong, AIA | Donald C Buenger, AIA | Raymond R Kahl, AIA | John M Novack, FAIA | Ken Rhyne, Allied AIA